Location and public transportation

Inn 22 - Majatalo 22

Vanha Littoistentie 22, 20540 Turku, Finland
Tel: +358 50 350 3366

Y-tunnus: 1462236-1

How to get there by bus from the market square

There is an excellent routefinder here . You'll need to put in the placenames in Finnish, though: a railway station is called "rautatieasema" in Finnish and an airport is "lentoasema". In this connection use Kalevantie 22, 20540 Turku as the address for your destination. Inn 22  is the the yellowish building across the street.


From Turku Central Railway Station

Buses 32 and 42 towards Varissuo go directly to Inn 22. They run approximately every 10-20 minutes between around 6 am to 11 pm. If you come from Helsinki, get off at Kupittaa station: it is only a 6-minute walk to Inn 22 from there.

From Turku airport and the harbour

Weekdays: Take bus 1 to the market square (Kauppatori) (bus 1 runs  approximately every 20 minutes between 05.17-22.31) and then  switch to buses 32 and 42 which take you straight to the Inn. The busride in 32 and 42 takes approx. 12 minutes. Get off at Kalevantie  22 (the bus stop is also referred to as 872 Rautakatu.)

Saturdays: Buses run every 15-40 minutes between 05.17-23.12
Sundays: Every 20-40 minutes between 05.57- 23.22