It feels like home

Whether you are studying or working abroad, Inn 22 offers a home away from home for your stay. You have the privacy of your room, but share the common kitchen/living room, toilets, showers, sauna and laundry room together with the other guests. In addition, some of the rooms have a kitchenette and a private toilet/bathroom. The wifi is excellent. The monthly  price varies according to the size of the room and its facilities.

The prices and availability of the nine rooms we have are given in the photos below. Please notice that you do not need start at the beginning of a month, but when it suits you. You can stay at the inn for example 12.8.-22.12. The price for the days exceeding a full month is calculated by dividing the monthly price by 30.



Room 5: single room

Bed size: 120 cm
Room size: 12 m²

Price per month: 580€




Prices 1.2.-21.06.2020

Reduced prices for longer stays.
Examples of prices for single nights:

Large Double with kitchenette

  • 1 person 52 €

  • 2 persons 72 €

  • 3 persons 92 €

Quadruple with a kitchenette and private bathroom

  • 2 person 79 €

  • 3 persons 99 €

  • 4 persons 120 €